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Golf Jokes for Kids

Funny Golf jokes for kids and children of all ages, offering different kinds of golf rules for beginners, humourous golf stories, golf laughs, golf quotes and much more.

Kids Jokes : Golf Jokes for Kids

What do golfers use in China   12/01

Golf improving day by day   03/20

Lightning storm and golf joke   02/27

Why did the golfer need a new glove   02/24

Why did the golfer wear two pair of pants   02/24

Where is the hardest golf course   01/17

[Golf joke]Play golf again joke   01/16

Old Golfer joke for kids   01/13

Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants   11/30

[Golf joke]Why did the golfer change his socks   11/25

[Golf Joke]What is a golfer's favorite thing to wear   10/11

Golf ball in buttercups   09/09

Two Scots playing golf   09/07

Golfer and groundkeeper joke for kids   08/26

Lawyer golfer joke for kids   08/14

Gotcha in golf joke for kids   08/01

Golfer and policceman joke for kids   08/01

Golf laws joke for kids   07/23

Eight iron joke for kids   07/23

Awfully wide stance joke   07/11

Amazing golf ball joke for kids   07/11

First golfing lesson joke for kids   07/11

Couples alternate shot joke   06/17

Bad eyesight joke for kids   06/17

Buy a second-hand computer   10/25

The industry standard   10/25

A hardware problem   10/25

What should I pack zip in   10/25

Bill Gates   10/25

What can you do with this   08/28

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