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State Jokes

State jokes and humor, relating to specific states and regions of the United States.

Kids Jokes : State Jokes

Why is Alabama the smartest state in the USA   02/25

What's the best thing to ever come out of Arkansas   04/29

What do you call a genius at Alabama   04/29

Auburn fan and an Alabama fan joke   04/27

Why do University of Michigan fans keep their diplomas on their dashboards   04/20

Why couldn't the Anchorage school district buy enough buses for children   04/20

Why do they throw out a sack of manure at University of Michigan weddings   04/14

How do you know your Alaskan   04/14

Why is Auburn always in the dark   04/09

What is the most common line used by an Auburn alum   04/09

What do you get when you have 32 Arkansasians in the same room   04/01

How do you get an Auburn student off your porch   04/01

How do Alaskans get a great upper body workout   03/30

Why is Auburn always in the dark   03/29

What's the best road sign in Auburn   03/29

In which state does River Ravi flow   03/25

Did you hear about the $3,000,000 Alabama State Lottery   03/23

Why did O. J. Simpson want to move to Arkansas   03/23

What state cares about your health   03/15

What state is married   03/12

What state makes you feel bad   03/12

What do you do to a state full of weeds   02/28

What state needs to be sharpened   02/17

What do you get if you unsmelt copper   02/17

How do you know the sun came up today   02/10

What state is high in the middle and round on both ends   01/22

[State Joke]What state is on a horse   01/09

[State joke]What state has 2,000 pounds of dirty laundry   12/25

[State joke]Which state is the smartest   12/19

[State Joke]What clothes did Delaware   12/18

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